Project Description

Single-use Surgical Non Sterile Shirt

ONGSHRT_001 Surgical Non sterile shirt is designed to be used in low- risk low concentration contaminated areas to prevent particulate transfer hazards

  • These shirts are for single-use.
  • Long sleeve with cuffs in stretch rib
  • Provided latex-free.
  • Neck is stretch rib
  • Front closure with snaps
  • 3 pockets

These shirts also full essential requirements and the related rules of the European Economic Commission 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directives (MDD) as subsequent amendments as well as a declaration of conformity with standard EN13795.

  • For use in clinical and laboratory settings.
  • Intended to protect from the transfer of microorganisms and bodily fluids in lower minimal risk patient isolation situations.
  • Not intended for high risk surgical procedures, or where the risk of contamination is high.

FABRIC        : Polypropylene Spunbond SMS
WEIGHT      : 40 gsm