Project Description

Protective Lab.Coat

ONGLCT_001 Protective Lab. Coats are designed to help protect the wearer from low hazard liquid spray and dust and may also help reduce the contamination of the working environment. They are comfortable to wear featuring moisture vapor permeable fabric to help reduce the risk of heat stress.



  • Proven barrier protection against low concentration liquid chemicals, liquid & particulate biological hazards.
  • Breathable microporous laminate fabric reduces the risk of heat stress, provides a comfortable wear.
  • The laminated microporous film minimises particle shed and contamination in particle restricted environments such as cleanrooms.
  • Front snap closures.
  • Open wrists.
  • Built with 3 front pockets for convenience.
  • Latex-free.
  • Low linting properties

ONGLCT_001 fulfils the requirements for Category I PPE under Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Typical applications may include asbestos inspection, coal dust in power plants, metal polishing, light-duty building cleaning, machine or vehicle maintenance, paint spraying, pharmaceutical, general industrial clean-up, insulation laying, woodworking, general powder handling, food processing, and blood, bodily fluids and environmentally controlled clean room application.

FABRIC         : Microporous lamlnate PPSB
WEIGHT       : 55 g/m²
THREAD       : Polyester