How to Wear

You don’t need to think about how to wear your daily clothes. However, certain care must be taken when wearing a protective clothing. As a matter of fact, wearing protective clothing correctly; it will be effective in the protection performance of the garment. Once the appropriate clothing has been selected, employees should be provided with a clean changing room away from the workplace to dress. Any items that may interfere with work should be removed from pockets and left in a safe place.

Begin the process of putting on the coveralls by sitting on the chair and taking off your shoes. Next, carefully put your feet on the legs of the coverall one by one, and then put on and fasten your safety shoes or boots. Next, you should wear gloves that are suitable for your application. If you wear 2 pairs of gloves, put on the first pair first. Stand up, pull the coverall towards your waist and draw your arms around the arm area. Before zippering your coverall, remove your protective glasses, mask, etc. fit and make sure they are fitted correctly, comfortable and free of gap. Pull the hood over your head and zip your allover to the top; Turn the zipper handle down to lock the zipper. Open the double-sided tape on the placket and close the zipper area by sticking. If you are wearing a second pair of gloves, wear them over the first pair, covering the sleeves and wrists of the coverall. It is recommended that all openings and joints, including the ends of the gloves and around the face where the hood meets the face mask, be sealed with adhesive tape. It should be checked by another colleague that the coverall is worn correctly and that all openings are covered.

How to Remove

Unless extreme care is given to the disposal and removal of disposable protective clothing, there is a risk of contamination from the surface of the coverall to the wearer’s skin or hair, or to other workers and their families.

Protective clothing should be removed in a contamination-free area. Before removing protective clothing, it is recommended to clean gloves and boots to prevent dust from spreading. Likewise, the mask and zipper placket should be cleaned. Once any protective material such as adhesive tape has been removed, it should be immediately thrown into the chemical waste container used for this purpose. With the protective gloves not yet removed, the user should begin by removing the hood, making sure that the outer part of the coverall does not touch his head. Unzip the coverall and slide it down over your shoulders. Put both hands on your back and pull them down until both arms are fully extended. Sit down and take off your shoes. Then pull it down from your knees until you have completely removed the coverall (make sure the contaminated side is not touched or touched by the clothing). Finally, put the coverall in its original packaging and remove your gloves. When disposing of protective clothing, it is important to keep the coverall by the inside, which is not contaminated, to avoid contact with the hazardous substance. This area must also be cleaned as contamination will occur in the environment while the clothing is being removed. Leaving the area contaminated poses a risk not only to the person wearing the protective suit, but also to others in the environment.