Ongan Textile

Ongan group; It is the first company to manufacture the removable upholstery sofa covers for European customer, in the textile sector in Turkey.

Ongan textile founded in 2001, today in the center of Istanbul 240, including 220 employees in Moldova as Textile Miso with approximately 460 employees in the textile sector in Turkey has an important contribution to employment.

Ongan Tekstil continues its production in a total area of 8.000 m2 of which is covered in Istanbul. All our production facilities operate in accordance with International Quality Standards. Turkey’s largest 500 companies received export awards in the rankings.

Due to heavy orders from Europe, Miso Textile company was established in Moldova in 2011, on an area of 8000 m2.For the last 1.5 years, due to the pandemic, both Ongan textile and Miso Textil have started medical textile production.Both companies produce and export different levels of gown, overalls, overshoes, corpse bag,etc

Weekly capacity in medical textile production is 400,000 pieces in total.High quality shipments are made due to 20 years of experience in the textile market.