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  • Ongan Group Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan met with Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad FILAT
Ongan Group Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan met with Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad FILAT
Ongan Group Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan met with Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad FILAT.

Ongan Textile Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan, Ikea Europe North & South America Responsible Kent-Ake Ahlegren and Ikea Company with Ikea Suppliers Representatives, all together, on Nov 15th 2011 in Chisinav, in Moldova’s Prime Minister Vlad Flat’s Office, discussed the country’s development projects, tax advantages and Ikea with Ikea supplier investments.

 Kent-Ake Ahlegren with the delegation visited many institutes and met with Moldovan entrepreneurs. Ikea representatives tried to define the best sector of Moldova market for cooperation by taking notes carefully. Ikea Representatives said that they are interested in the country’s development project for furniture, furniture spare parts, garments and kitchen appliances manufacture.

 Ikea Europe North & South America Responsible Kent-Ake Ahlegren said that the target is to find business partners for joint projects during visit & thanked to Moldovan Prime Minister  Vlad Filat for inviting him to Moldova during a visit to Sweden made by Prime Minister.

 Ongan Textile of Ikea biggest manufacturers, Chairman of the Board Suat Erdogan, In Turkey, that employs 100 people with an annual turnover of 120 million €, in January 2011 as an initial 1 million € investment & 250 employees, established  Manufacturing facility, to transfer  90 %  of production to Moldova evaluation of development Project of the country’s labor force and employment he said.

 Polish Com 40 of Ikea second biggest manufacturers,  company owner Bodan Kaczmareh, specified that 4000 people are working with a turnover of 300 million € per  year, the objectives of seat cover specified that production in 3 years by 15-20 million € investment to create labor & jobs for 1000 people. By expanding labor force in the region that wants to be a share holder in Moldova Kaczmarek said, and took informations about works plans for those who want to invest in the country.

 Moldova Prime Minister  Vlad Filat said that he hopes the clear & unambiguous information about country’s potential & development project by the  visit of Representatives and will give all necessary support & improvements to do, fulfills the requirements in any project as a partner, “Ikea’s presence is important for us and our country, except for investments, above all,  Ikea’s business model will be brought, management methods and responsibility principles. Government from this perspective, in a friendly environment, the objective is to provide facilities and advantages to manufacturers by local and foreign  investors in Moldova, said Prime Minister Vlad Filat; “Despite of problems faced by Moldova provides the possibility of free trade CIS (Communwealth of Independent States) countries,in addition Moldova; signed the contract to fulfill principles rules and requirements of World Trade Organization on Oct 18. Recent negotiating report European Commision with free trade agreement  was handed over to Brussels and we plan to offer legal negotiations no later than end of 2011. In addition 52 % export of Moldova directed to European Union. Moldova benefits completely autonomous trade preferences, he said.